BFORPPL program is designed to train professionals on Bioeconomy but different complementary activities are planned to accomplish complementary skills, as socio-cultural induction or job search skills.

The Icebreaking Week is planned to share experiences with other Master students of University of Valladolid, ensuring the adaptation of the students to the program and the social life of the city. It is organized at the beginning of the first semester for first year students: An introductory field trip visiting one of our associated partners with other Master students of DataForest master and Master of IngenierĂ­a de Montes of University of Valladolid. This type of joint trip is common in University of Valladolid and it has been a good experience for all the participants.


The BFORPPL Week is a good opportunity to improve the jointness between BFORPPL cohorts facilitating the selection of the specialization of first-year students. Moreover they are going to learn how an international research meeting works, the organization structure and procedures and the oral communication of their results. The BFORPPL Week is organized at the end of the semester for all the BFORPPL first and second-year students they can share their experiences in this program, improving the jointness between BFORPPL cohorts. This BFORPPL week is composed of a learning field trip visiting the Spanish Model Forest (3 days) and the participation in the UVa annual Young Researchers Meeting On Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest System (2 days). The Young Researchers Meeting On Conservation and Sustainable Use Of Forest System is a meeting organized annually by UVa since 2006. During more than 10 years students from all the world have participated in this meeting so it is an established event with a high experience and it is a good opportunity to know how a meeting worked because the organization of the event is done by the students and they can also present their research works.


Joint Summer Event is organized for BFORPPL second-year students at the end of the fourth semester. The organization and location of this event varies each year by one of the consortium partners. Second-year students can present their Master thesis and their internships and a graduation ceremony is prepared to finish the event. They can also share their aspirations and opportunities in the labor market.