This page aims to serve as an overview of the conceptual design of the study program and the team behind it.

Later this page will be converted into a webpage focussing on students.


Bioeconomy: Forest and People Master Erasmus Mundus offers an innovative academic education on the Bioeconomy with a focus on forestry and people. The BFORPPL consortium includes five partner institutions and twelve associated partners from 4 continents.

Bioeconomy has become a core concept in policy discussions and now it is paramount in the global discussion integrating concepts like sustainability, circular economy, green economy, global change and rural development. Strategies to connect the Circular Economy and the Bioeconomy by providing solutions for the industrial sectors and to help its actors to move from a fossil-based and non-renewable materials paradigm to renewable biological solutions are becoming increasingly important and create business and employment opportunities. A new leaders’ generation is needed to transform ideas into actions and BFORPPL Erasmus Mundus Master can answer this call. Forestry is one of the main mainstays of the bioeconomy because it is our most important biological infrastructure and the main source for non-food nonfeed renewable biological resources but it should interact with other sectors: construction, technology, chemical industry… without forgetting the importance of society.  A science-informed narrative is needed to engage urbanized society while the need for a new paradigm bounded by planet sustainability.